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Enough with being like everyone else, with template campaigns and giving away high commissions. This time, go the route that works best for you -- with a bespoke campaign at a fair price.

Your organization is not a template. Your campaign shouldn’t be either


Bespoke and custom

When you look good and can show the brand and personality of your organization, your community and donors will notice. And they'll show that with their wallets.

Fair pricing

Absolutely no commissions

Keep what is donated to you.

Customer Service

Responsive campaign support

No call center here. 1 on 1 customer support to help you with your campaign

Success Tools

All the tools you need

Manual entries
Excel export

Bonus Round. VIP solutions. Pre-campaign. Timed. Matching. Teams. Annual Campaigns. Peer to Peer. VIP solutions. Bonus Round. Timed. Pre-campaign. Teams. Matching. Dinner Fundraising.

What works for you.


Building fund

Annual campaign


Peer to peer (teams)



Event campaign